Story of IIAP

The Beginning – Our first classroom course

IIAP’s journey to deliver high quality yet accessible photography courses began in the energetic city of Dubai in the year 2012. IIAP recognized early on that the photography fraternity was in need of a new type of photography courses – One that was complete enough to provide the photography student with intensive education, yet compact enough to allow the student to complete the course in as little as 5 to 90 days. Gone were the days of long-tailed university courses.

Let’s have a look at the options people have for learning photography:

  • Do an expensive university course that requires a truckload of money and a significant investment of time.
  • Attend workshops after workshops and meetups after meetups that may leave so many holes in your learning.
  • Attend TAFE style courses that are still very long but lack depth significantly.
  • Just go out and shoot photos, scouring the Internet for random tips and videos.

After seeing these shortcomings in the learning landscape, IIAP conducts courses that are concise yet complete. We design courses that can help a learner to progress from beginner to professional level very swiftly. These courses have one primary goal: to ensure that our graduates are equipped with skills to go professional right from the first day of course completion.

IIAP is dedicated to teaching not just the mechanics of the camera but also the creative process of professional photography. We encourage the student to continually develop their skills eventually elevate themselves from a competent professional photographer to the level of an artist. We prepare our students for the challenges they would face in their professional career and give them the tools they would need to meet these challenges.

In recent years, IIAP’s approach had been tremendously successful. We have trained hundreds of students in Dubai and Sydney. Many alumni started getting paid jobs right after course completion on the strength of their student portfolio. Our courses changed the landscape of photographic education in Dubai, with many institutions now offering courses and structures similar to the ones that we pioneered.

We always maintain that learning face to face is the best way to learn, however, to serve people who could not attend face-to-face classes due to financial or distance constraints, we developed a comprehensive online learning program that stimulates our popular classroom course. This online course is offered at a price that any serious person can afford i.e. AU$99.00 as a very special price now.