About IIAP’s Online Course

How we developed the online course?

We realize that online courses can be boring and impersonal. In fact, we actually completely abandoned our first attempt at an online course for this very reason, as it just didn’t offer the level of engagement we sought. We eventually realized what was missing from online courses. They do a poor job of simulating an actual classroom. While the online medium is great for ease of delivery, it simply falls short in creating an effective, stimulating learning environment.

With this in mind, IIAP set out to recreate the elements that go into a real classroom. We created formal lecture modules, and we included actual students in a genuine classroom and studio setting, and we filmed and edited the experience. We provide the online learner with the same learning materials the classroom student has. The result effectively brings you into the classroom environment with us. We are thrilled with the result, and we think you will be too.

We produced this course in our new home in Sydney, Australia, a city with a rich creative environment and vibrant people. In keeping with the low-cost goal of the course, all photography gear used is simple, economical, and widely available. Very little specialized equipment is required; just a DSLR camera and an external flash. Most of our photo sessions use either natural light or a single external light.

Why will you benefit tremendously from this course?

There is just too much to say about this course in a website description. It is unique, comprehensive, and engaging. We know of few offerings at any price that provides such a rich combination of simulated live classes, downloadable course material, exercises, photographic assignments, and a full treatment of the skills, tools, and techniques required to develop the aspiring photographer. We will take you from very basics of photography, through all the skills and techniques, and all the way through to designing and marketing your professional website.

Throughout this course, you will experience the full spectrum of photographic shoots, including glamour, fashion, portraiture, product photography, and many more.
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