IIAP’s Life Drawing Club

Are you a friend, supporter or graduate of the IIAP? Do you love Life Drawing? Join a friendly community of people who love drawing from life models, in the new weekly Life Drawing Club. No experience necessary or long-term commitments, pay as you go and draw at your own pace. There is no formal tuition provided.

Life drawing, that is, the act of drawing a living, breathing person in real life, not from a photograph or memory is a practice in the art of seeing. It requires all of ones’ concentration… so much so that you can think of nothing else. In that way, it becomes a meditative process, like yoga.

Rather than being a stressful learning experience, we focus on sheer joy of drawing and facilitating people to reconnect with a part of themselves that they may not have been aware existed!

It is a wonderful opportunity to appreciate the human form in all its natural beauty in a non-sexual context. Being able to capture the life and energy of a breathing, moving person is fascinating in itself.

The IIAP Life Drawing Club resumes on Monday 29 April and runs every Wednesday evening from 6:00 PM to 08:30 PM

  • Cost is $20 per session. Book online bring your receipt to each session
  • Wednesday from 6:00 – 8:30pm
  • Location would be StudiointheMill.com
  • A variety of professional models are provided throughout the semester