Mastering Professional Photography

From Beginner to Mastery in 3 Months

(Live & Interactive Professional Course, Join with just AU$ 99.00)

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What’s Special About This Course?

  • Live & Interactive (This course is NOT pre-recorded)
  • Personal Feedback from Expert Mentors – Get unique feedback & personalized tips on your camera handling, photos, and post-processing technique
  • High-Quality Course Notes & Access to Professional Photography Mentors
  • Real-time Assignments and assessments
  • Career Pathway Program that strives to provide you with commercial work after you complete the course
  • Access to Discounted Gear via our web-shop (coming soon…)
  • Twice a week interactions with your mentors and classmates (Online via Zoom)
  • Certificate upon completion.
  • Live Photoshoots (opportunities to shoot remotely on a selective basis)
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Learning Objectives

30 Modules that start with the basics and swiftly move on to professional level. On completion, you will be able to:

  • Start your Photography Business at a Professional Level
  • Operate Studio Equipment and Lighting with utmost confidence and execute Editorial photoshoots on your own.
  • Pick up Paid Photography Jobs & Conduct a Professional / Commercial Photo Shoot on your own. In genres ranging from Fashion, Ecommerce and Events to Family Photography
  • Demonstrate a portfolio of work (your own photos taken during the course)
  • Have a Deep understanding of your own style and what genre of photography you want to pursue
  • Setup your own (home, mini, or pro) studio, having a clear understanding of all equipment and small scale studio setup.
  • Have a Running Photography website and an Online Marketing strategy.

BONUS: ACCESS TO OUR CAREER PATHWAY PROGRAM AT THE END OF THE COURSE (Helping you find your first client & paid work)

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How Do we Do it?

  • Comprehensive coverage from the basics all the way up to professional level Photo Shoots. 
  • 30 Detailed Modules of Real-Time Learning (Via Zoom), Supporting videos, text material, presentations and assignments to enhance your Learning
  • Interactive classes with both group learning and  1-on-1 guidance 
  • Not just a Photography Course – We also teach you how to conduct your Business, The Legal Aspects, Marketing, and setting up and running Your Website
  • Opportunity to work Practically on Real Commercial Projects (Sydney based) that give you a Sound understanding of the Professional World & Interacting with Professional and Amateur Models
  • Last but not least, A stunning repertoire of professional photographs to add to your portfolio once you finish the course.

Live & Interactive

It is NOT a PRE – RECORDED course unlike many others available in the country. The mentor/tutors will be live in front of your screen for real-time interaction. Though, recorded versions of all the sessions and also lots of additional resources will also be available.

Nothing replaces real-time human interaction, and though we are constrained due to the Pandemic, we are taking this opportunity to make this course available at an even more economical price.

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About the Mentors

The course has been carefully crafted by both professional photographers, as well as education experts with tens of years of experience in teaching & instructional design expertise. 

Everything from the frequency of classes, the delivery of assignments, to the length of the course have been well researched and developed to support learning and skill development as well as to maintain motivation and inspiration for learning. 

We deliver the important information in just the right sequence, in perfectly sized bites so that you can absorb and adopt the knowledge in a transferable and adaptable way. No more hap-hazard learning via Youtube videos or melting your mind trying to teach yourself. 

Learn exactly where you’re tripping up in real-time so you can inculcate good habits right from the beginning. 

The course is primarily mentored by Avs Kumar who is the Founder of IIAP and has been actively engaged in professional education for the last 20+ years. Avs has the distinction of running the only fully focussed photography institute in Dubai for a few years, before moving to Australia to expand the initiative worldwide.

No Prerequisites to Join

We will start by covering the basics and foundations, so there are no prerequisites to this course. All you need to have is a DSLR or mirrorless camera and a passion for photography.

By the time you have completed the course, you will have a firm grasp on the basic techniques as well as advanced concepts of all popular genres of photography. 

You’ll get to experience different niches and by the end will have a clear idea of where you would like to establish yourself as a photographer, even if you do not already know. 

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Who is this Course For?

Suitable for Beginners and Intermediates. Working professionals can also take this course as a refresher or for certification.

Course Curriculum

1. Course Introduction & Basic Instructions / Art of Photography / Finding your Genre
2. Advanced Photographic Composition
3. Camera Basics & Lenses
4. Basics of Exposure
5. Advanced Exposure & Metering
6. Understanding Lighting & Quality of Pictures
7. Setting up a Studio & Studio Lighting
8. Understanding The Speedlight (Flashes)
9. Outdoor Photography
10. Shooting Portraits

– Mid Term Assessment – 

11. Fashion Photography
12. Beauty & Glamour Photography
13. Events Photography
14. Product Photography
15. Workflow for Photographers – Adobe Lightroom
16. Processing RAW files with Lightroom
17. Photoshop Basics – workspace, tools, filters & Brushes
18. Lifestyle Photography
19. Commercial Photography
20. Outdoor Fashion Photography Shoot
21. Makeup for Photographers
22. Styling for Photographers
23. Legal Side of Photography Business
24. Website Basics for Photographers
25. Marketing your Photography Business
26. Advanced Photoshop – layers, masks & adjustment layers
27. Advanced Skin Retouching with Photoshop
28. Wedding Photography
29. Assessment Assignment
30. Assessment Assignment 2

Course Fees

We have a flexible payment structure based on your financial and educational status.

Payment Plans ranging from AU$ 50 a week

20 % Discount Available If the full fees is Paid Upfront.

Scholarships are available for High School Students & People on Govt. Support.

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