Mastering Professional Photography (3 Months)


Start as a Beginner, Finish with Mastery

 Professional Face to Face Course

Course Type: Classroom Face to Face Course

Duration: 3 Months


Upcoming Batch:

14th February 2022 (Mondays & Tuesdays)

* 3 months batch would run on 2 Weekday evenings for 12 weeks + 2 Additional Days (Saturday or Sunday) on separate weekends (in consultation with the students)

Class Timings: Mondays and Tuesdays 06:00 pm to 09:00 pm

Location: IIAP address – 12 Bridge Road, Stanmore, NSW – All classes happen at our location in Stanmore unless specified otherwise.


Course Fee (check the drop-down below) 

The Course Fee includes All the Professional Models / Studio Access / Lighting Equipment / Styling & Models etc.

Don’t have a Camera? Add a camera package for AU$ 1,000.00 and we will give you a carefully selected DSLR camera / Lens & a Flash Light too. 

Payment Plans:

Interest-Free Monthly Instalments from AU$ 150 a Month…(That’s just about AU$37.50 a week)

Scholarships are available for High School Students and Those on government support. (Please talk to one of our Counsellors on 0414391931)


Start as a Beginner, Finish with Mastery


On your journey to become a professional-level photographer, you need a photography course that takes care of some important aspects like: 

    • how to make money from Photography!
    • Learn & practice shooting all popular Genres! (and not just basic photography & camera handling )
    • Learn using photography software such as Lightroom & Photoshop!
    • Get the opportunity to work on Real Projects & graduate with an Impactful Portfolio!
    • Open a clear pathway for you to get paid jobs after you finish the course!
    • Provide you with the required equipment and camera etc.


“Mastering Professional Photography” course by IIAP is the most   c o m p r e h e n s i v e compact and intensive Professional Photography Course, Based in Sydney, Australia



It is a Face to Face Course in a Real Studio, not a pre-recorded online course, unlike most others. The mentor/tutors will teach you in a classroom setting in real-time for real interaction. Though recorded versions of most of the sessions and also lots of additional resources may also be available.

Nothing replaces real-time human interaction, and though we are constrained due to the Pandemic, we are taking this opportunity to make this course available with limited seats.


Buy Now and Pay Later

We have made access to good photography education easy for you. We know this can get expensive. That’s why we have tied up with “Money Me +”.

You can now pay for your professional courses in up to 24 months of interest free instalments (and even longer if you want to pay some interest). We can also include a camera and flash in your package so that your upfront cost of learning photography is “nil”. Eligibility criteria applies and read more about this facility here.

30 Professional Modules!

Coverage that ranges from

– Basic and Advanced Camera Handling,

– Advanced Studio & Outdoor Lighting,

– Shooting Portraits, Fashion, Commercial, Products, Glamour, and even Events Photography

We not only teach you professional photography techniques, but also the Business of Photography, including Legalities, Contracts, Marketing, Setting up a Website & Your Email Campaigns!

All you need is to commit 2 evenings for 3 months.

The Buck does not stop here, Our Career Pathway Program teaches you how to get paid work, after you finish the course.


Don’t have a Camera? No Worries…

We can include a Camera and flash in your course fee, and let you pay in really easy, interest free instalments. 

What camera do I get?

We would buy you a brand new Entry Level DSLR or Mirrorless Camera from Canon or Nikon.

What Lighting do I get?

We would buy you a speedlight (flash) from Godox.

How much extra do I pay for this?

These equipment would be included in your course fee, so you only pay a slightly higher monthly instalments. If you are paying upfront, then we recommend buying the equipment yourself, based on our recommendation.

Teaching Methodology

Our carefully structured step-by-step course curriculum is delivered in just the right sequence, making sure you grasp the basics really well, before swiftly progressing on to the more advanced topics. 

Each class is a mix of the right amount of theoretical learning followed by the opportunity to immediately practice what you just learned via practical work, photoshoots, and instant feedback

You get regular assignments that also supplement your learning with self-practice. 

We make sure that you conduct many professional-level photo shoots during the course with personalised feedback from mentors. You can be sure you will be building your portfolio while learning.


When / Where?

Face to Face Classes are conducted in Stanmore, Sydney at professional studio premises. 

30 Professional Modules are conducted over 12 weeks. 

3 months evening batch would run on 2 weekday evenings (Mondays and Tuesdays from 6 pm – 9 pm) plus 2 Additional Days (Saturday or Sunday) on separate weekends (in consultation with the students) in order to practice outdoor/day photography. 

Upcoming Batches 

Monday 14th February 2022 (Mondays and Tuesdays 6 pm – 9 pm)

Course Learning Objectives & Course Coverage

The Course consists of 30 Modules (Including the end of course Projects). These modules start with the basics and swiftly move you to the professional level of learning & Performance.

After finishing this course you will be able to:

Start your Photography Business at a Professional Level

  • Operate Studio Equipment and Lighting with utmost confidence and execute Editorial photoshoots on your own.
  • Pick up Paid Photography Jobs & Conduct a Professional / Commercial Photo Shoot on your own in many genres of photography like Fashion, Ecommerce, Events and Family Photography
  • Demonstrate a portfolio of work (from the photos taken during the course)
  • Have a deep understanding of your own style and what genre of photography you want to pursue
  • Setup your own studio, having a clear understanding of all equipment and small scale studio setup.
  • Have a running Photography website and an Online Marketing strategy.

Course Curriculum

    • Course Introduction & Basic Instructions / Art of Photography / Finding your Genre
    • Advanced Photographic Composition
    • Camera Basics & Lenses
    • Basics of Exposure
    • Advanced Exposure & Metering
    • Understanding Lighting & Quality of Pictures
    • Setting up a Studio & Studio Lighting
    • Understanding The Speedlight (Flashes)
    • Outdoor Photography
    • Shooting Portraits

– Mid Term Assessment – 

    • Fashion Photography
    • Beauty & Glamour Photography
    • Events & Wedding Photography
    • Product Photography
    • Workflow for Photographers – Adobe Lightroom
    • Processing RAW files with Lightroom
    • Photoshop Basics – workspace, tools, filters & Brushes
    • Lifestyle Photography & Commercial Photography
    • Outdoor Fashion Photography Shoot
    • Makeup & Styling for Photographers
    • Legal Side of Photography Business
    • Website Basics for Photographers
    • Marketing your Photography Business
    • Advanced Photoshop – layers, masks & adjustment layers
    • Advanced Skin Retouching with Photoshop
    • Shooting DSLR Video
    • Final Project – Commercial
    • Final Project – Art

More about the Course

The course has been carefully crafted by both professional photographers, as well as education experts with decades of experience in teaching & instructional design expertise. 

The course content and supplementary material such as course notes follow higher standards than usually provided in the industry. 

Everything from the frequency of classes, the delivery of assignments, to the length of the course have been well researched and developed to support learning and skill development as well as to maintain motivation and inspiration for learning. 

We deliver the important information in just the right sequence, in perfectly sized bites so that you can absorb and adopt the knowledge in a transferable and adaptable way.

No more hap-hazard learning via Youtube videos or melting your mind trying to teach yourself. 

Sit back and let us steer your photography learning adventure in the most useful and interactive way! 

With personalised feedback on your shooting methods as well as your final photographs, you’ll have an advantage over others, with insights and training unique to you

Learn exactly where you’re tripping up in real-time so you can inculcate good habits right from the beginning. 

Enhance your learning and cement your technique by interacting with your mentor, peers, models, makeup artists, etc. 

Start this course as a Beginner, leave this course with Mastery.


Prerequisites to Join

We will start by covering the basics and foundations, so there are no prerequisites to this course. We even provide you a DSLR camera and Lighting Kit if you do not have one. 

You will need access to a computer or laptop eventually for storing and processing your digital images. We would also require that you eventually subscribe to Adobe  Photoshop & Lightroom installed (for the post-processing modules of the course)


Course Fee

AU$ 4,000 or Interest-Free Instalment of about AU$ 150 Per Month… (which is less than AU$ 37.50 per week) 

This includes All the Classes / Studio Access / Lighting Equipment / Shoots / Models and all that we do. 

Don’t have a Camera? Add a camera package for AU$ 1,000.00 and we will give you a carefully selected DSLR camera/lens & a Flash Light too. 



Scholarships are available for High School Students and Those on government support. (Please talk to one of our Counsellors on 0414391931)


The spots are limited, so grab yours now before they sell out!

For any questions please email us at “”






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