Studio Lighting Workshop

Course Type: Face to Face Workshop

Duration: 6 hrs

Time:  6 pm – 9 pm x 2 (weekday classes on Monday and Tuesdays) / 9 am – 3:30 pm (weekend classes)

Where: IIAP address

Days: 2022 Dates to be announced

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Studio Lighting Workshop


A photographer is supposed to understand, capture and modify light to create the results that they desire. 

But at the top, sits those who can manufacture the light that they desire and create results that otherwise were not possible by just using available light. 

Those masters are called “Studio Lighting Experts” (put big smiley and wink smilies)

Did you ever get a feeling that those studio lights look daunting and never obey you. Your shots are either over-exposed or you never get to sync them with your camera. If everything else works, the results are not as precise as you may have wanted. 

Just like your racing horses, you need to tame these beasts, then make them your friends and then a life-long companion. But it all starts with right training. 

Join this full day (or two session weekday) workshop to get right “Studio Lighting” training right from the beginning. 

Why should I attend?

If you are in the genres of Commercial, products, lifestyle and fashion etc. you need to eventually work with artificial light. More so if you also want to eventually get into genres like cinematic photography, videos and so on..

Learning the basics right is the key to your eventual success. 

You need to get down to the breaking down each element of the most basic setup and not just learn on the surface. 

We will provide a slow paced, tactile experience, where you will learn every nitty gritty of Handing, Installing, working with, Learning variations and not just LOOK at someone else doing all the stuff. And Yes you will get to shoot awesome photos too, but to be honest the main objective is learning. 

About the workshop

In this 6 hours workshop, we will take you through some of the most IMPORTANT lighting principles, setups and modifiers and also practically assemble, install, sync and use them to give you a very practical learning experience and command on the basics of studio lighting. 

Learning Objectives

After this workshop the participants would: 

  • Have a deep understand of basics of camera settings for Studio light operation
  • Be able to plan which studio light to use to create desired effect
  • Assemble and Create a basic to intermediate lighting setup using Soft Light Modifiers
  • Set Up a one to three lighting setup using Studio Strobes
  • Understand difference between Studio Strobes, Speedlights and Continuous lights 
  • Replicate all the above setups with all 3 kinds of lights (Studio Strobes, Speedlights and continuous lights)

What do we provide?

  • Professional mentoring 
  • Guided assembly, installation and operation of the lighting setup
  • All the equipment, except mentioned below. 
  • Face to face instructions & personal attention
  • Corrective, creative and professional feedback
  • Creative exchanges and interaction with like-minded people 

What to Bring?

  • DSLR &/or Mirrorless Camera with 35 to 85 mm lens range. 
  • Charged camera battery 
  • Empty Memory Card(s) with suitable storage
  • Your Positive energy, a will for creative learning and your passion
  • up to 3 hours of coaching, guidance, and shoot.


Get 6 hours of training for just AU$ 250.00 with all-inclusive. (Studio / Model / Styling)


For any questions please email us at “”

Workshop Trainer:

These sessions are conducted by Avs Kumar, who is the founder of the International Institute of Art & Photography and School of Art Nudes. Please visit his website here.



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