Work with Our Students

Great News for Commercial Clients & Brands!

At IIAP, we take pride in the skills of our students. To provide real life experience and connection for our students we have launched the International Institute of Art & Photography’s Career Pathway Program. Where we strive to connect our students with potential employers and clients.

If you are a brand or business looking for an economical way to shoot your next product, get in touch, we provide affordable pricing for you and you provide a photoshoot experience for our students!

Sign up for a one-off shoot for a particular project, or add your name to our database and connect with our students on an on-going basis!

The benefits for commercial clients and brands are manyfold:

  • You connect with motivated and excited talent who are fresh with their ideas and styles.
  • Your projects are handled by a team (rather than just a single photographer).
  • You save money on your photoshoot projects.
  • You get access to our facilities through our mentors and students.
  • We showcase your media on our network (on your approval)

Contact Us…

If you are a Designer, Commercial Client, Start-up, Modeling Agency or an associated professional like Makeup & Hair Artists or Stylists, get in touch to find out how we can create a WIN WIN situation for you and our students.


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