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How to edit profile in IIAP Online Photography Course

The course has to be approached in a sequential way. Click on the first lesson. And watch the video or download the resources. The completed sections will be marked complete with a green tick box. You need to click the next button.

How to navigate topics in IIAP Online Photography Course

Some Topics are timed, which means you need to spend that much time on the page. DO NOT CLOSE THE PAGE, UNTIL THE TIMER IS OVER, ELSE IT WILL RESTART.

How to mark the Topic Complete in IIAP Online Photography Course

Once the timer is over, you can click on MARK COMPLETE and it will take you to next section.

Sometimes you can see an upload button. If the topic had a special assignment requirement, please Upload a document containing that, otherwise upload any image clicked by you during the topic.

You can use easy navigation button to move back to old lessons. This helps you revise what you have learned.

Navigation Links during IIAP Online Photography Course

Navigation Links during IIAP Online Photography Course


Do I need to submit assignments? If so, how?

The course has assignment requirement. The information is given in relevant modules. For assignment upload requiring multiple pictures, it need to be uploaded in following ways:

1. Resize the photographs (using much available software) so that the size is less than 1 MB each.

2. Zip the files as one file.

3. Make sure the Zip file size is less than 8 MB.

4. Upload the same.