The Most Awsome Online Photography Course in the World!!!

Yes! you heard right. There is something special about what we did!


A page is a really small if we want to write about our course, but we try to summarise in some lines below.

This is the most PERSONAL online course, designed keeping YOU in mind. It is not a rough collection of video tutorials, as there are 1,000s of them on youtube. This is a comprehensive education resource which includes constant engagement with the end-user and trains you the way you want to learn. The course consists of:

    • 30 Modules, Each module may contain videos, text material, presentations, assignments and peer group access.
    • Wide coverage of Art & Philosophy of photography, and not just camera techniques.
    • Carefully Crafted Training Videos (Yes, not just text like many other courses). A step by step sequence of delivering Videos and Course material (to make sure, you learn the right thing at right time). This is possible by our state of the art Drip Feed Technology.
    • Live Online Classes and Photo-shoots (we will make you feel as if you are there)
    • Written Text Material designed to ease your self-learning, and also a resource for life.
    • Online Questionnaires.
    • Self Practice Assignment.
    • Access to our course photo-shoots, if you want to travel to where we are currently shooting. (we shoot around the world), Just write to us.
    • Institutes and Well known teachers who will run face-to-face course based on our modules (online students will get great discounts to get into it, Soon…)
    • Well known photographers in major cities of the world, which can be contacted for personal classes. (Soon…)

We start right with basics and we do not expect you to KNOW anything to start with. All we want you to have is passion. Before you know, the course seamlessly takes you towards Professional level. By the time you finish the course you would have had a very solid grasp of basics and have experienced all popular kinds of professional photography.

The course is designed not just by professional photographers, but also contributed by people who have been teaching with universities, writing course materials for open schools and unis, so that the course retains all the instructional design and educational principles. In fact, our main course writer, apart from being a well-known photographer, is also well known for his training skills.

The course duration is well researched and is not too short and not too long. We give you just the right information, in the right sequence, in right bite sizes, so that you absorb the knowledge well.

We do not dump the whole course material onto you. We make sure you finish a module before you can progress to the next one.

Don’t wait any longer. You can take this course for very little and get started now… Enrol Now at our special prices.